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Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training

Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training


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Purchases are limited to 1 enrollment per transaction. If you wish to order more than 1 enrollment please phone 07 3251 3600 and a quote can be prepared. 

Want to run a Lungs in Action class?

Lungs in Action instructors are trained to provide safe, maintenance exercise classes in local facilities such as community halls, fitness studios, gyms and university clinics etc. This training program combines the Lungs in Action Online Theory Training with a practical component which involves a mentor at a local Pulmonary and Heart Failure Rehabilitation program.

The Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training Package has been designed to provide accreditation for exercise physiologists, fitness instructors, personal trainers and physiotherapists to deliver a community based exercise maintenance program for people with stable chronic lung disease who have completed a Pulmonary Rehabilitation program and people with stable NYHA Class II and Class III Heart Failure who have completed Heart Failure Rehabilitation.

Please note: In order to complete this training there are a number of eligibility items that must be met. This includes, but is not limited to; mentoring availability, support from local rehabilitation programs, geographical need etc.  

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